Chinese Art

Bronze & Clay Ware

Chung Li Chuan

Medium: 19th century Chinese bronze
30" W x 8"D x 24.5" H
Price: $4,900.00 USD
Stock # AMI-1055-04


Chung-li Ch’uan, chief of the eight Chinese immortals astride a qilin, a mythological creature that brings serenity and prosperity. With his fan he is able to revive the souls of the dead.

This piece is believed to have been manufactured in Fukien province in the late 19th century. An inscription on one side of the qilin indicates the casting was made for Ming dynasty emperor Xuande, who reigned from 1426-1435. Intricate engraving and gold leaf.

Clay vase detail

Medium: Clay ware
10" x 15"
Price: $495.00 USD
Stock # AMI-1058-04


This 15 inch vase is made of gray fired clay. Upon close examination you’ll see that it is an unglazed piece with some of the original paint remaining. There are no breaks or repairs.

Chung Kwei

Medium: Bronze
19" x 48"
Price: $5,900.00 USD
Stock # AMI-1062-04


Chung Kwei: A protector against evil spirits: ghost chaser. According to legend, Chung Kwei was a bright but ugly and deformed scholar from Shensi Province who lived during the Tang dynasty. After his death, he vanquished a demon causing Emperor Kao Tsu illness, and was canonized as the Great Spiritual Chaser of Demons for the Whole Empire. He is also known as K’uei Xing, or the Star God of Literature for his outstanding scholastic abilities. In this capacity, it is his duty to guard scholars and to ensure that they receive their dues.

Kuan Kong: Seated God of War - gilded and lacquered wood

Medium: gilded and lacquered wood
12" W x 11" D x 25" H
Price: $290.00 USD
Stock # AMI-1072-04


Kuan Kong: Originally the Chinese god of war, he is now held in high regard by business people, police, and martial arts devotees, among others, and is often associated with wealth. He is the only god depicted with a red face, and is often depicted with his Black Dragon Sword. He is also the keeper of good people and fights those who might harm them.